Who is the COBstr Box for?

The COBstr Box is the ideal solution for anyone wasting too much time cleaning products or tools. The Box saves time, enables you to quickly put products back on the shelf, and gives your customers a positive experience of care. They will be impressed by your professionalism and concern for their health. And that will pay off.

Shop owners who benefit from the COBstr Box are, for instance, opticians and barbers. Another example is nursing homes, where glasses of patients need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid contamination.

Professional disinfection at an affordable price

The COBstr Box is a sustainable product that saves time and money when compared to using cleaning wipes and tissues. It is ideal for professional shop owners or organizations where products frequently change hands. Responsible people who need to disinfect their face mask also benefit from this high performance Box.

Equivalent technology at lower cost

The technology in the COBstr Box is similar to the technology used in healthcare environments. The difference is that UVC robots in hospitals cost around 100,000 EUR. Smart manufacturing efficiencies make the COBstr Box more affordable.

UVC disinfection box

What are the benefits?

Besides obtaining state-of-the-art technology there are practical advantages:

  • Time-saving: puts an end to time-consuming cleaning by hand
  • Products on the shelves instead of in the back of the store waiting to be cleaned
  • More thorough disinfection: UV-C light disinfects areas that are easily overlooked with manual cleaning
  • Lower cost: the COBstr Box is a one-off expense that saves money on wipes and detergents.
  • Publicity: word of mouth or an ad in the local newspaper will make you stand out as a caring and responsible entrepreneur.