Opticians: disinfection for glasses

Customers constantly trying glasses. On and off. Each pair must be disinfected before being returned to the shelf. And what about the nosepads, hinges and tiny screws that are hard to reach with a piece of cloth or lens wipes?

Opticians - disinfect glasses

The COBstr Box does this for you!

The COBstr Box disinfects several glasses at the same time. Imagine the advantages and reduced workload.

  • Time saving: hang the glasses in the box, switch on, ready in 1 minute.
  • More efficient disinfection: UVC technology disinfects glasses for 99,99%
  • Trust from your customer: ownership of a COBstr Box shows your customer that you care about them.

How to use the COBstr Box?

No need for detailed manuals.

  1. Open the box
  2. Hang the glasses in the box
  3. Close the box
  4. Turn on the switch
  5. Wash your hands
  6. Remove the disinfected glasses after 1-5 minutes

Disinfecting glasses in times of corona

The corona virus will probably be among us for a long time. It is only right that your customers expect you to disinfect all products thoroughly. With the COBstr Box you prove to your customers that you are a responsible shop owner.

You can imagine that your clients will be wondering what the box is for. When customers ask you about it you can tell them that you use the same technology as is being used in the COVID departments of certain hospitals to disinfect your material. It will definitely leave a favourable impression…