Hotels & receptions: disinfect keys

In public spaces like hotels, products often change hands. Employees working in the lobby handle guest keys all the time. That is why disinfecting those items each time they are passed from person to person is sound hygiene.

Disinfect keys

The last thing you need is your hotel being the place from where the coronavirus can spread. It is bad for the guests, bad for your employees, and bad for your reputation. By purchasing the COBstr Box you show that you are concerned and that you care about the hygienic conditions in your establishment.

With the COBstr Box you prove that you care about people. The box contains the same technology that is used in hospitals.

Disinfect your keys quickly and professionally

Keys and other objects must be disinfected in the best possible way. Preferably, this does not take up too much of your valuable time. The COBstr Box is the perfect solution for those of us who have no access to expensive medical or industrial solutions.

The COBstr Box can disinfect several objects at the same time in just 1 minute. The advantages are clear:

  • Time-saving: hang the keys in the box, switch on, and you’re good to go.
  • Highest quality disinfection: UV-C technology disinfects keys and other hard surfaces evenly. It destroys 99,99% of bacteria and viruses, a far better result than you will achieve with chemical disinfectants and wipes.
  • Trust from your clients: by purchasing state-of-the-art COB technology you proove that you take the health of your guests and staff very seriously.

How to use the COBstr Box?

No need for detailed manuals.

  1. Open the box
  2. Hang the keys or other material in the box
  3. Close the box
  4. Switch it on
  5. Wash your hands
  6. Remove the disinfected keys after 1 minute

Also for parcels, cell phones, pens, bank cards, etcetera…

Objects often change hands at receptions of hotels or other public areas. Besides keys, the COBstr Box is ideal for disinfecting phones and chargers, AirPods, pens, money, and so forth. It’s fast and it’s efficient.