Eggs, fruit and vegetables

Most people are unaware of the fact that the eggs we buy in the supermarket have often been irradiated with UV-C. The equipment to do this is mostly industrial. It is designed for barns and it is heavy and impractical, as you can see here.

The COBstr Box is ideal for people who raise chickens in their own backyard or buy eggs directly from a local (bio)farmer. Salmonella bacteria can accumulate on eggshells. The COBstr Box can destroy such bacteria quickly and effectively.  

There is also significant scientific research showing that the treatment of produce with UV-C can have health benefits. This is because UV-C increases the levels of antioxidant enzymes. On an industrial scale this is already common practice. A good example are bananas. UV-C can boost the ripening time or slow down the rotting process. The COBstr Box makes this technology accessible to the general public.