Nursing homes and caregivers

The corona virus has had a devastating effect on healthcare systems around the world. This is because nurses and collaborators were insufficiently prepared for the pandemic. They were confronted with enormous shortages of protective equipment. It is the elderly in particular have suffered from this.

The COBstr Box can play an important role in maintaining general hygienic practices and in protecting both patients and caregivers. The device is an excellent tool against future lockdowns. It can quickly and easily disinfect facemasks, glasses, hearing aids, and keys.

UVC disinfection box

The smart design of the COBstr Box makes it powerful enough to decrease the virus load on handkerchiefs and other soft materials. However, always keep in mind that the device can only perform its disinfecting task in areas that are directly irradiated with UV-C. If an object generates shadow, be sure to repeat the disinfection process after changing the position of the object. Do this so that shaded parts are fully exposed during the second cycle.

How to use the COBstr Box

  1. Open the box
  2. Hang your objects in the box
  3. Close the box
  4. Turn on the switch
  5. Wash your hands
  6. Remove the disinfected objects after 1 minute