Who is the COBstr Box for?

The COBstr Box is the ideal solution for anyone wasting too much time cleaning products or tools. The Box saves time, enables you to quickly put products back on the shelf, and gives your customers a positive experience of care. They will be impressed by your professionalism and concern for their health. And that will pay off.

Shop owners who benefit from the COBstr Box are, for instance, opticians and barbers. Another example is nursing homes, where glasses of patients need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid contamination.

Decontaminating at a professional level at an affordable price

The COBstr Box is sustainable and delivers substantial time and cost savings compared to the use of wet wipes and cleaning agents. From business products in your company or organisation - such as glasses for opticians or residents of care homes - to mouth caps for home use, the COBstr Box cleans them thoroughly and lightning fast.

Similar technique, yet affordable

The technique in the COBstr Box is similar to that of medical decontamination equipment. The difference is that the UV-C robots used in hospitals quickly cost 100,000 euros. Because COBstr produces very efficiently and on an industrial scale we can keep the price of the COBstr Box affordable.

What advantages does the COBstr Box offer?

With the COBstr Box you get technology that is many times better than the technology you find in comparable solutions. That offers many advantages, just think of it:

  • Time saving: no time spent on manually polishing products
  • Products are in the display cases and not wait in the back of the store for them to be disinfected.
  • Much better disinfection: UV-C LEDs disinfect products much better than you can do with any other means with a cleaning cloth.
  • Lower costs: after the one-time purchase you will have less costs for cleaning cloths and disinfectants.
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