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UV-C light is invisible radiation that is more energetic than visible light. This energy damages viruses and bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. The COBstr Box was created because its creators had technology that could be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The COBstr Box offers UV-C disinfection on a very high level.

There is increasing evidence that fewer droplets make less sick. Scientific research has shown that the coronavirus remains dangerous for hours and in some cases even for days on hard surfaces. Smartphones are an assembly point for pathogens. Face masks are worn by more and more people. Irradiating such objects with UV-C light can help stop the spread of the virus.


The manufacturer points out that the COBstr Box is not the Holy Grail in combatting the virus. However, it is an important addition to common sense hygiene practices.


Entrepreneurs play a vital role in society. The COBstr Box is a tool that can help them assume the responsibility they have. Whether it is mobile ATMs in hospitality, glasses for opticians, or mobile phones, purchasing the COBstr Box shows you genuinely care.

You can use the COBstr Box commercially. Think of situations in which you disinfect smartphones, keys or other objects for your (shop) visitors and customers.

Home use

Mobile phone: one or several times a day for a couple of minutes.

Face masks: when you come home, put your mask in the COBstr Box for a few minutes up to an hour. This will rapidly reduce the number of virus particles by 90%. If the mask contains a loose filter, remove the filter and treat separately in the COBstr Box. Do not put any wet items in the device.

Miscellaneous: hang hard objects in the box for a few minutes after returning home. For objects with porous surfaces, disinfect for a longer period (up to an hour). Better safe than sorry. We do not recommend longer than that. The device is thermally protected but should not be overloaded. Never try to unscrew or disassemble the box.

Groceries and small packages: 1 to 5 minutes.

COBstr Box Interface

COVID-19 tests and quarantine

An increasing number of people is personally experiencing what an impact the virus can have on family life. If someone in the house has to wait for the results of a corona test, our advice is to use the COBstr Box as much as possible. You can open and close doors in your home with a tool and then clean that tool in the box. Regularly disinfect cell phones, glasses, soap dispensers, keys, wallets, etc.

NOTE that in the long term UV-C can affect certain plastics and coatings. To what extent this happens depends in part on the length and intensity of the exposure.

Purchasing advice

At home: the COBstr Box with 2 UV-C modules suffices.

For the business user: if time is an important consideration, investing in the COBstr Box with 4 UV-C modules can be an option. For example, if you offer mobile phone disinfection as a service, this will go twice as fast. Contact us to inquire about lease options.