Technology in the COBstr Box

Technology in the COBstr Box

Innovatieve technologieën maken de COBstr Box tot een robuust en kwalitatief hoogstaand product. Dat UV-C straling een optimale desinfecterende werking heeft staat al vele jaren vast. Geen wonder dat we daarom de modernste UV-C LED technologie in de COBstr box hebben geïntegreerd. De binnenkant van de behuizing en de printplaten zijn geheel van recycleerbaar aluminium gemaakt.

Another technology in the COBstr Box is COB, from which the COBstr Box derives its name. This ensures optimal operation and reliability of the UVC LEDs.

Germicidal irradiation with UVC LED

The COBstr Box is a high-quality device that will quickly disinfect your products with ontsmettende UV-C technologie. The advantages of the COBstr Box:

  1. Minimum of shadow for maximum exposure of free-hanging objects to the required dosis of ultraviolet light.
  2. Disinfection within 5 minutes of solid objects like glasses, keys, scissors, etc.
  3. Disinfection of facemasks in 1 or 2 hours, depending on the model.
  4. Maximum reflection accomplished by using anodized aluminum for the activation room.


Another technology used in the COBstr Box is proprietary Chip On Board (COB) technology. This nanotechnology makes it possible to develop LED products without the vulnerable and polluting packages that are used in products made with mainstream Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology.

Reliability of the UVC LED chips is essential for disinfection purposes. After all, malfunctioning or dead LED chips do not irradiate objects placed in a container sufficiently.
Existing technologies encapsulate the LED chips in so-called packages. These packages are vulnerable to shock and humidity. Moreover, they require extra power. In contrast, COB technology places the LED chips directly onto the substrate, without using polluting components that need to be manufactured at polluting SMD factories first. This makes the COBstr Box the most sustainable product on the market.


The COBstr Box, unlike many other products, is an efficient and powerful device. This requires strict safety measures because UV-C is harmful for the human skin and eyes. Without compromising on aesthetics and user-friendliness, the COBstr Box has the following safety features.

  1. Smart design with angles of 90 degrees. This prevents any possible “leakage” of UV-C light.
  2. A Reed switch that prevents the device to work when the door is not closed. As soon as the door is opened the device switches off automatically.
  3. A door that consists of two plates. The inside plate closes the inner casing. The outside plate is pressed against a magnetic sealing strip.

UV-C radiation produces no toxic by-products, including air emissions and volatile compounds. You can safely open the box as soon as the blue indication LED is off.