COBstr Box – UV-C desinfectie

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Disinfect multiple products at the same time in an instant. A proven better and faster disinfection than with cleaning alcohol and cleaning cloths.

With the use of this COBstr Box you clearly show that you take responsibility for the health of staff and customers.
This technique is also used, for example, in the COVID-19 department of the Radboud umc. That creates confidence.


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Disinfect multiple products at the same time in an instant, with the latest UVC-LED technology.
Better and faster disinfection than with cleaning alcohol and cleaning cloths.
Create trust with your customers: this technique is also used in the COVID-19 department of hospitals and burn centers, for example.

How does it work?

Hang your products in the COBstr box, switch it on, wash your hands and after washing your products have also been cleaned all around. And that is unique, because other devices almost always have shadow effect, while the COBstr Box does not.
The COBstr Box irradiates products from two sides with proven UVC technology. In combination with the aluminum on the inside, the product is disinfected on all sides. Even in the small corners and holes.

Extra information

Decontamination rate

Despite the fact that many manufacturers make statements about decontamination rates, we do not do so. UV-C radiation can switch off the coronavirus, but only under ideal conditions. Under the menu item "The COBstr Box" you can read more about disinfection/disinfection and the results measured in the COBstr Box.


Radiation: 41hW/cm2 (in the middle of the COBstr Box).
(based on measurements with a FLAME spectrometer from Ocean Insight (


2 modules with 39 UV-C LED chips per module.
The LED chips are fixed with the Chip On Board (COB) nano technology. This is more durable, stronger, more reliable, less polluting and consumes only half the energy of regular technologies.
1 indicator LED per module (blue).
Peak wavelength: 277.62 nm
Quartz lenses

Disinfect time

We recommend irradiating hard materials (such as keys, glasses, scissors, telephones, pens, etc.) for 1 to 5 minutes.
Soft materials such as mouth caps should be irradiated for up to 2 hours.
Read more about the optimal use of the COBstr Box on the page "tips for use".


Material: aluminium
Dimensions (approx.) 35x20x20 cm (exact dimensions will follow)
Weight: 5kg


Reed contact
Double door
Magnetic seal
Anti-leakage design
Minimal Shade Design
Timer (for automatic switch-off)


CE marking
Stainless steel retractable frame(s) for hanging objects
24 volt adapter

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