The COBstr Box

Disinfect several products at once, save time, and spare yourself the hassle of using disinfectant alcohol and wipes all the time.
Satisfied customers, happy colleagues, and optimal disinfection of your products.

How does it work?

Hang your products in the COBstr Box, turn on the switch, and by the time you finish washing your hands your products are disinfected.

The COBstr Box irradiates products from two sides with proven UVC-technology in a reflective aluminum activation room. Every nook and cranny thoroughly disinfected.

Who is the COBstr Box for?

The COBstr Box is intended for anyone who has products that regularly change hands and need to be disinfected. For example, glasses in optical shops, soap dispensers, scissors in beauty parlours and barber shops, keys at reception desks, mobile phones, etc. Opticians, scissors of hairdressers, keys in hotels and more.

Disinfection with UV-C LEDs

Once you familiarize yourself with the COBstr Box, disinfection with alcohol or detergens becomes obsolete. The UV-C method is already widespread in hospitals and the food processing industry. Now, with the COBstr Box, the technology is within reach for everyone.

One frame, many products

  1. Smartphones: there is sufficient space in the frame to suspend 2 phones. The frame comes with 1 connector for 1 phone.
  2. Face masks: attach your face mask to the removable hooks that are supplied with the frame. The face mask should hang freely in the middle of the frame, allowing for optimal disinfection. Avoid too much tension on the straps.
  3. Other products : in addition to the connector and the hooks, a removable rod is included. Because the frame is provided with holes all around, there is an optimal position for many different kinds of products.

How does UVC technology work?

Ultraviolet light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. There are three kinds of UV waves:

  1. UV-A
  2. UV-B
  3. UV-C

The first two kinds reach the earth with sunlight while UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere.
However, UV-C can be reproduced with technology. This UV-C is the only kind of ultraviolet light that has truly effective germicidal properties.
UV-C penetrates deeply into microorganisms and destroys their DNA. This prevents them from multiplying and causing disease.

Because UV-C is harmful for eyes and skin, the COBstr Box is equipped with a safety mechanism. If the door is opened during the disinfection process, the UV-C light automatically shuts off.

Say goodbye to disinfection sprays

You can stop your search for disinfectant wipes and sprays. With the COBstr Box you are well prepared for the fight against corona and other possible future viruses.