Mobile phones

Mobile phones are Trojan horses 

Mobile phones have surfaces that a virus can easily get onto. If you come into contact with supermarket carts or ATMs, it increases the risk of transmitting virus particles to your phone. The average smartphone contains more bacteria and viruses than a toilet.  

In the fight against corona it is recommended to wash our hands as often as possible. This is because we often unconsciously touch our face, which is the only place where the virus can infect humans. Cell phones are very often kept close to our faces. It is not logical that disinfecting mobile phones is not recommended more often as an essential hygienic precaution. 

Op de foto van de binnenkant van dit prototype is te zien dat er geen schaduw op de telefoon ontstaat die de ontsmetting zou kunnen verhinderen. De UV-C bestraling* komt overal goed bij en doet snel haar reinigende werk. Met name de scheiding tussen een hoesje en telefoon is een geliefde plek voor ziektemakers. Om die te ontsmetten is UV-C licht vele malen effectiever dan doekjes en alcohol.

The advantage of the COBstr Box over other UV-C devices is that the phone hangs freely. There is no shadow, resulting in better disinfection. 

COBstr Box desinfectie mobiele telefoon

*UV-C light is not visible. The blue light you see comes from special LEDs to indicate that the device is functioning properly.