Hairdressing and care salons: disinfection of utensils

Disinfection of scissors, tweezers and other utensils at hairdressing salons, nail studios and other care salons is currently an important job.

Materials get in contact with multiple customers. You don't want to be the place where the Coronavirus got the opportunity to spread around. Not only for your customers and employees, but it would also damage the image of your company.

Desinfectie van gereedschap in beauty salons

Daarom is het desinfecteren van uw materialen van het grootste belang. Dat moet goed gebeuren, maar mag liever ook niet teveel tijd kosten. De COBstr Box is de perfecte oplossing.

De COBstr box desinfecteert meerdere voorwerpen tegelijk, in slechts een of enkele minuten. Dat levert u veel voordelen op.

  • Time saving: hang your scissors in the box, switch on, and you're good to go.
  • Better disinfection: UV-C technology disinfects scissors and other objects with hard surfaces rapidly and evenly. It destroys bacteria and viruses with a far better result than you will achieve with chemical disinfectants or wipes.
  • Trust from your clients: this piece of technology shows your customers and staff that you really care about them. Talking about a boost to your reputation.

How to use the COBstr Box?

No need for detailed manuals.

  1. Open the COBstr box
  2. Hang your scissors and other materials in the box
  3. Close the box
  4. Turn on the switch
  5. Wash your hands
  6. Remove the disinfected scissors from the box after one or two minutes

Also works for face masks

Do you use face masks during work? The COBstr Box also disinfects face masks, so that they can be used again.
Read more about how to disinfect face masks.