UVC disinfection for cleaning companies

The COBstr Box is ideal for cleaning and facility management services that get hired to do the cleaning at other companies or public institutions. Whether it is scissors or staplers at schools or face masks and mobile card readers in restaurants, the COBstr Box is fast and effective.

UVC disinfection for cleaning companies

Heavy industrial equipment for disinfection by UV-C has been available on the market for a long time. The COBstr Box on the other hand is light and easy to carry to locations that must be cleaned. The Box can be used for disinfecting various objects for the client but also for the face masks, glasses and AirPods of your own cleaning staff.

How to use the COBstr Box?

No need for detailed manuals.

  1. Open the COBstr box
  2. Hang your objects in the box
  3. Close the box and switch it on
  4. Wash your hands
  5. Remove the disinfected objects after 1 to 5 minutes. For face masks the disinfection time is longer.