About us

COBstr works with renowned experts in the LED industry. Since 2010 we have been pioneering with COB technology. In the beginning years we did this with a former Philips executive, mr. Y.C. Lo. He was one of the first people to understand the disruptive nature of COB technology.

COBstr is an authority in the field of LED technology. We regularly give lectures to LED engineers and received the 2019 innovation prize from the Guangdong Optoelectronic Technology Association.

The factory in The Netherlands is one of the most modern facilities in the country. Sustainable production, paperless internal communication, and the latest solar panels are just a few examples of our commitment to building a better world.

Former Philips executive Y.C. Lo, with M. van Bergen, founder of COBstr.

COBstr Box: Research and development

After a long period of R&D, the launch of the COBstr Box is a fact. We develop advanced nanotechnology for LED applications.

COBstr makes sustainable and innovative LED products. Our Chip On Board (COB) technology is a significant improvement on existing Surface Mount Device (SMD) technology. COB ensures that LED chips are optimally protected against harmful moisture and vibrations. The reliability of the UV-C chips is of crucial importance for disinfection purposes.

The COBstr Box is the most robust and sustainable UV-C disinfection solution on the market. All hard materials in the box are disinfected in 1-5 minutes.

COBstr, the environment, and your wallet

Our factory, with a highly optimized production process, uses as little energy and water as possible. We pursue an active policy with regard to reducing emissions.

Above all, the significance of COB technology is that we use far less material than existing LED technologies. The technology is also beneficial for your wallet. Besides the relatively low purchase price of the COBstr Box, our LED chips are energy efficient. Moreover, you need fewer disinfectants. Another advantage for your wallet and the environment!

Corporate social responsibility

COB is the future of LED because it is a superior and more sustainable technology. We believe that fighting bacteria and viruses will remain important in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, e.g. when it comes to hygiene promotion or water disinfection in developing countries. Whenever possible, COBstr will continue to play a responsible role.